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Supporting SSF

The Saxon Success Fund provides support to South Salem High School through strategic fundraising and investment.  Funds will be raised for specific projects that have the greatest impact on the success of all Saxon students.  Different from the parent-led booster groups that raise money for year to year expenses, the Saxon Success Fund will invest in ways that positively impact students now and in the future.


Since beginning in 2019, the Saxon Success Fund has averaged awarding of eight scholarships a year and has successfully raised funds to complete Celia's College and Career Center.  The Center will be built in the south half of the school library and will be completed in the summer of 2023.


Donors have options for giving to a variety of funds within the SSF:

General fund:  This fund is used for general scholarships and specific projects as they are identified.

Class of 60 Scholarship:  At their 50th class reunion, the Saxon class of 60 began a scholarship fund and has awarded scholarships every year since.  In 2021, they became affiliated with our efforts.

Class of 70 Scholarship:  Taking the challenge of the class of 1960, the reunion goers at their 50th decided to also collect funds for scholarships.  The first scholarships from the class of 1970 will go to the class of 2023.

Hanneman Scholarship: Longtime educator and educational leader, Kathleen Hanneman was a role model for many women leaders in the field of education.  She was the first female to lead a large high school in the state of Oregon.  In her memory, the Hanneman Scholarship fund confers scholarships to graduating girls pursuing a career in education.

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