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Celia's College & Career Center Donors

Steve Altman

Anne Anderson

Anderson Shirley Architects, Inc. - John Shirley & James Robinson

Sandra Anello

Yvonne Bashor

Madge and Keith Bauer

Dean Bittick

MaryLou Boderman

Paula Booth

Shawn Brinsfield

Christine Burns

Gayle Caldarazzo

Shannon Campbell

Kelly Carlisle

Shelly Carlson

Edward and Iluminada Chinneth

Class of 1957

Representative Brian Clem--ARPA Funds

Harriett Cody and Harvey Sadis

Megan Cogswell

John and Nancy Cox

Barb and Ron Cross

Corazon Cruz

Edward Davis

Lois Defleur

Leslie Dinsdale

Bill Doss

AnneMarie and Scott Dufault

Lois Gamble Duncan

George Dyer

Joni Fohn

John Frederick

Edie Frolichman

Rick and Jan Gassner

Michal Haller

Kathleen and Craig Hanneman

Bonnie Heitsch

Dave Hicks

Dale Horman and Kathryn Logan

Antje and Paul Howard

Chuck Hudkins

Thomas Hueneke

Barry Hyman and Betty Winfield 

Martin and Julie Hyman

Beverly and Dave Johnson

Dan and Ruth Johnson

Ann Little

Lydia Lota

Cindy and Con Lynch

Gaelen McAlister

Christina McMahan

Nancy and Bill MacMorris-Adix

Mark Majeski

Greg Marks

Kirk Marley

Eleanor Martires

Nancy Mennis

Mary Metzger

Kelly Mills

Dan Moore

Jan Morgan

Michael Morrison

Denise Motter

Cindy Mueller

Brent and Natsumi Neilsen

Barry Nelson

Vanessa Nordyke

Johanna and Ron Odrich

Larry Payne

Christy Perry

Kate Hise Peterson

Cirilo Pinlac

Judy Proctor

John and Carol Raymond

Lee and Loleta Rosen

Adrienne Rosenfeld

David and Jody Rowell

Zenaida Sabocor

Edith Sajor

Robert Salburg

Brian Shore

Ronald Shore & Samuel Bernstein

Marilyn Tallman

Susan Tanabe

Lara and Micah Tiffin

Ken Valach

Bonnie and Phil Webb

Bev Weld

Dick and Gayle Withnell

Sandy Wiscarson

Marcus Wulf

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