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We are so grateful to those who have supported the Saxon Success Fund since we have gotten our effort off the ground. Without your donations we would not be successful in achieving our goals. We would like to acknowledge our friends who have contributed from our kick-off in September 2019 to the present. Sincere thanks to you all!

Stephen Altman

Anne Anderson

Meghan Borden

Kathy Briscoe

Pete Chamberlain

Laura Mangum Childers

Class of 1956

Dave Connelly

Peter and Leslie Dinsdale

Bill Doss

Scott & Annemarie Dufault

George Dyer

Kimberly Easthouse

Eric Fiskum

Joni Fohn

Kari Freres

Jim Green

Sandy Green

Craig and Kathleen Hanneman

Tom Hueneke

Claudia Huntsinger

Molly Horton

Elaine Jerauld

Dave Johnson

LaVonne Bolstad Johnson  ‘63

Tracie Johnson

Michelle Kiss

Con and Cindy Lynch

Kirk Marley

Anne McCormack

Dan & Marianne McNally

Kelli McVey

Randy Melton

Dan Moore

Mike Morrison

Denise Motter

Anne Murray

Brent and Natsumi Neilsen

Christy Perry

Steve Reibel

Lee Rosen

Pam Scott

Sam Skillern

Krystal Young Smith

Chris Sweistris

Barbara Trelsted

Ken Valach

Phil and Bonnie Webb

John Wilbur

Sandra Wiscarson

Dick and Gayle Withnell

Catherine Heald Wood

Marcus Wulf

In Memory of Dick Ballantyne

Chuck Hudkins

In Memory of Joe Benninghof

Ken Valach

In Memory of Kathleen Hanneman

Susan and Matthew Davin

George and Lois Dyer

Craig Hanneman

Molly Horton

Claudia Huntsinger

Linda and Ronald Iwasaki

Dave and Bev Johnson

Jan and Michael Morgan

Lara and Micah Tiffin

In Memory of Marv Heater

Dave Johnson

In Memory of Nick and Uta Heckman

Antje Howard

In Memory of Ruth and Leonard Hicks

Dave Hicks

In Memory of Coach Al Leopold

Ken Valach

In Memory of Lemoyne Mapes

Phil Webb

In Memory of Michael Mennis

Nancy Mennis

In Memory of Tim Proctor '63

Dave Johnson

Judy Proctor

In Memory of Phyllis Quanbeck

Leslie Dinsdale

Gary Frame

In Memory of Jack H. Scott

Tom Hueneke

Pam Scott

In Memory of Bob Voigt

Chuck Hudkins

In Honor of Gary Frame

Leslie Dinsdale

In Honor of Rick Gassner

Madge Bauer

In Honor of Coach Dave Johnson, Jim Edmonds and John Cox

Ken Valach

In Memory of Tim Proctor

Judy Proctor

In Honor of Lara Tiffin

Madge Bauer

Jan and Mike Morgan

In Honor of Phil Webb

Ron and Barb Cross

Hueneke Family Trust

Moore Family Trust

Rick Nelson

Lee Rosen

Larry Wacker

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