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Scholarships awarded to 2023 grads

The Saxon Success Fund has awarded eleven more scholarships to 2023 graduates. This brings us up to providing 40 - $1000 scholarships to deserving students at South since 2020!

Three of these recipients received Kathleen Hanneman scholarships for graduates who are pursuing careers in education. This year was the first year that alumni from the Class of 1970 donated to our scholarship fund. Four scholarships provided this year were funded by the Class of 1970.

2023 SSF Scholarship Recipients

SSF Scholarship recipients this year include: Payton Bradley, Nathan Conser, Maggie Hawes, Oliver Kirchner, Simon Obery, Charlie Ricci, MacKenzie Scott, Adam Son. SSF Hanneman Scholarship recipients are Silvia Ruiz Blanco, Maggie Lapray, and Sophia Miller.

Lara Tiffin, SSF Chair, speaks to scholarship recipients at the reception held in their honor

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